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“LASG has trained over 30,000 public servants in 2021” -Commissioner

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Since the beginning of the year 2021, a considerable number of public servants have undergone training in a variety of courses as a result of manpower and capacity development reforms in the Lagos State Public Service.

The Honourable Commissioner for Establishments, Training and Pensions, Mrs Ajibola Ponnle, confirmed this, on Wednesday, during a strategic meeting with Ministry management personnel adding that the number of people that were trained cut across grade levels, cadres, and gender.

She added that several platforms were used for the program, including online and physical training, and that about 28,000 public officials benefited from the online courses while 2,500 people received physical training, excluding those who participated in the microlearning webinar series.

Ponnle described the figure as unprecedented and a watershed moment in Lagos State’s training administration, noting that it represented a significant departure from the previous system, which saw only 3000 public officials taught in four years.

According to the Commissioner, the introduction of the Learning Management System, which has a variety of 4,000 free learning content, self-enrollment courses, and 8,000 courses from the LinkedIn Learning Library, has brought remarkable changes in the training environment in Lagos, He also added that the intention was to drive radical change that would address capacity deficits in the public sector, enhance efficiency, and engender competence among civil servants.

“One significant aspect of this programme is that it has made it possible to practically phase out low training quota in the State’s civil service which used to be 3,000 staff in four years prior to this administration. For us, it is really a game-changer, and I think the beauty of the process is also that we are able to mandate public servants to do certain courses”, she said.

Ponnle also speculated that the figure could be higher because some Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) would require their employees to take certain courses, citing the Ministry of Science and Technology as an example, as it has mandated 25 courses to be for technical and non-technical employees which began from the middle of the year.

Despite the fact that training programs cover the entire spectrum and hierarchy of the State public service, she admitted that some of those who had not previously received training had been nominated, noting that the selection process was objective despite the fact that the courses had always been oversubscribed.

The Commissioner also intimated that the Lagos State Government (LASG)would change the training method to workshop/experiential learning sessions in the next phase of the programs.

According to her, the goal of the change is to ensure that the participants fully comprehend the training’s primary objectives and are able to put them into practice right away in their various workplaces.

In her words: “The workshop-style approach is basically to ensure that trainees are able to apply concepts learned at the workshop in their MDAs. For example, at a recent workshop on writing job descriptions, the programme participants had to go back to their MDAs and develop Job Descriptions for the core jobs there”.

Recall that the Ministry has also introduced several other impactful programmes during the Sanwo-Olu administration, including EXCO Shares, Executive Coaching, Conell/LASU partnership initiative and SHIFT, amongst others.

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