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LagosPost (https://lagospost.ng) as a Lagos-centric media platform welcomes contributions from
interested writers to promote Lagos. It will also be the voice of inhabitants (Lagosians) of Nigeria’s
centre of excellence.

We are the go-to news and information website for the city of Lagos while supporting the vision of
the Lagos State government for all-round development. LagosPost will sell Lagos to the world in
the same way New York, London, Los Angeles, Dubai, etc have become famous global city brands.

LagosPost focuses on entertaining, representing, reporting, educating and advocating for Lagos.

Given its uniqueness, LagosPost will produce special reports from time to time on the environment,
climate change, urbanisation, infrastructure development, access to primary healthcare, basic
education and literacy, population growth, food security, rural communities, economic migration,
local markets, festivals, tourism, conflict prevention and resolution, democracy and good
governance, diversity, gender equity, social inclusion, etc.

Why don’t you write for us and let your voice be heard? Please send your articles, reports and
letters to: [email protected]