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To become the most trusted information source for Everything Lagos. 


Empower Lagosians with credible and trusted information that will keep them informed, knowledgeable, educated and, most importantly, be aware of Everything Lagos.


At LagosPost, our actions will be guided by the following values:


Strive to live above board


Remain original in our thinking.


Evolve as a trusted brand


Lagos is currently Africa’s most populous city and Africa’s 6th largest economy. Although it has a small landmass, it remains Nigeria’s economic powerhouse and continues to grow in leaps and bounds.
Since the return to democracy in 1999, other states look up to Lagos in terms of enterprise growth, job creation, investment, arts, entertainment, culture, tourism, urbanisation, talent development and a lot more.
The key questions begging for answers are: Is Lagos being covered enough in the media given its strategic importance? Is it being given the full attention it deserves by a dedicated platform in today’s digital world? We don’t think so. This is why it is imperative that EVERYTHING LAGOS is properly captured, documented and publicly made available.
Lagos Post (https://lagospost.ng) is born to give a credible voice to inhabitants of Nigeria’s centre of excellence. It will be an online newspaper sourcing and publishing information on Government’s Activities, Tourist Sites, LGAs/LCDAs, Iconic Images, Real Estate, Urban Development, Celebrity Gossip, Nightlife, Street Economy, Road Rage, Sex in the City, Youth Empowerment, Crime and Justice, Politics, Business, Commerce and Industry, Sport, Rural Communities, People in the News, Arts & Culture, Film, Food, Parties, Events, Technology & Innovation, Education, Healthcare, Disaster Management, Humanitarian Services (e.g. Rotary, Red Cross) , Smart Cities, etc.
We are poised to be the go-to news and information platform for the city of Lagos while supporting the vision of the Lagos State government for all-round development. Lagos Post will sell Lagos to the world in the same way New York, London, Los Angeles, Dubai, etc have become famous global city brands.


LagosPost.ng focuses on entertaining, representing, reporting, educating and advocating for Lagos, one of the largest cities in Africa. This inherently makes it the first destination for access to information for all things Lagos. This strategically positions it for all partnerships (federal, state and international) for Lagosians.


Given its uniqueness, LagosPost.ng as a Lagos-centric media platform will produce special reports from time to time on the environment, climate change, urbanisation, infrastructure development, access to primary healthcare, basic education and literacy, population growth, food security, conflict prevention and resolution, democracy and good governance, diversity, gender equity, social inclusion, etc.