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Namibia High Commissioner admonishes Lagos school

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Universal White Hall Schools, Fagba, Lagos recently held an award and dinner ceremony to celebrate excellence, parents, teachers and administrators with the theme: ”The beginning of a new crest 2021.”

The event which was held in Abule Egba Lagos had presentations made by the graduands, the outgoing head boy and girl, and representatives of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).

The event was attended by 65 graduate students and several dignitaries, which includes the High Commissioner of Namibia in Nigeria, His Excellency Humphrey Gelseb.

In his speech, the High Commissioner congratulated the graduates and noted that “When we were here a year before last, there were different people in your seat and today they are not here. That shows that a person can only graduate once at this level. There is no way you can graduate this year and then graduate next year again.”

He also urged that the students should not take their graduation for granted as it is very meaningful, while congratulating them on the hard work and the extra miles they traveled to make sure they did well in their academic work and also earned a great degree.

He said: “When we gathered here a year before last, it was a different era and today too it is a completely changed world because of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.”Many of us in Namibia have lost many relatives. We have lost close to 3,200 people and it is really a difficult time for our country.

“We are trying to get together resources to buy a lot of vaccines to ensure that plenty of people get to take the vaccines. So it is really a difficult year not only for Namibia but also for Nigeria and other parts of the world. We all need to combat this pandemic and make sure that our people are safe.”

“So in the midst of all the pandemics, it is really noble that the school authority has put extra efforts to make sure that the graduating students had a fulfilling graduation ceremony. With respect to the proprietor, I really want to thank you for allowing our children from Namibia to attend school here.

“It is not easy when you have close to 200 million people in Nigeria and we know that your slots in WAEC and high institutions are highly sought after yet you still accommodate Namibian students in your school. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of their parents for giving them this education. It really means a lot to these parents.”

Gelseb also praised the parents for the opportunity they gave their children to graduate from secondary school, adding that sadly, after so many years of encouragement, some parents did not have the opportunity to see their children graduate nor see that their children are doing well academically.

He said that those who have had the privilege of watching their children graduate should cherish this moment, as it truly is a special privilege for them and their children in particular.

The General Manager of Universal White Hall Schools, Alexander Ogedengbe, in his speech acknowledged the guests, parents, guardians and of course the students for all their efforts to make the occasion a success and, most importantly, for entrusting their children to the school care, “For us to be able to educate them, what we promised was that we were going to return the children better than they came and we have achieved that.”

He further enjoined the students to make good use of all they have learned while in school as they go outside the confines of the school.

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