Home Metro “They thought I was dead” #EndSARS shoot out survivor

“They thought I was dead” #EndSARS shoot out survivor

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Despite the fact that people were shot at the toll gate in October 2020, the government has denied all allegations as to shooting live bullets.

However today during the #EndSARS memorial two victims showed up at the protest identifying as victims of the #EndSARS shoot-out, who survived the shooting on that gruesome night.

One of them, identified as Adeze Effiany, a comedian was also shot in the chest and it came out from his back. He added that many people died and that there were a lot of dead bodies.

#endSARS -Lagospost.ng

Another identified as Nicholas, who also showed a bullet mark on his right chest which was removed from his back. He added that blood and water had stored up in his belly before it was later removed.

Another who chose to be anonymous mentioned that he was thought to be dead and taken alongside other dead bodies to Marina Teaching Hospital, however, he survived.

With all these brought to light, those that were responsible for the shoot out need to be identified. No form of brutality against fellow humans should be covered, Not police brutality not even citizen to citizen brutality. Everyone needs to be accountable for their action.

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