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Kampus Stars -Lagos State Unveils New Reality Tv Show for Tertiary Students

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“Kampus Stars”, A reality television show, has been initiated by the Lagos State government with Content Warehouse Limited to ensure the youth are engaged and productively engaged.

This reality Tv show is for all higher institutions in Lagos state.

Mr Solomon Saanu, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s senior special adviser in Tourism, Arts, and Culture, explained to journalists that the state government sought to entice viewers and participants to the show by contracting renowned filmmakers and directors.

The Lagos State Government has developed this initiative to engage youths in projects which would be valuable to their future, eliminating the possibility of involvement in harmful activities.

According to the governor’s aide, the programme would further reduce the exuberance sweeping the society at the moment.

The aide further explained that he believes that the average young Nigerian is a quick learner and always ready to take their talents or skills to the next level.

“Many may not believe this, but the Nigerian youth sure has every knack to excel at what they do, and this program, ‘Kampus Stars’, is to showcase such indigenous talents,” Mr Solomon said.

“Many people are looking for such a platform like this to showcase their skills, and we are readily available.

“As a result, the administration of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has made no secret of his love for the youth population by putting forward a slew of youth-oriented projects and programmes,” he stated.

According to Bonu, the governor believed that the youth is the engine of a thriving society, and as such, they should receive all the attention they deserve.

The aide said the reality show would complement other initiatives within the ministry and other MDAs to reduce poverty.

The initiative will also generate more employment opportunities, produce innovators and entrepreneurs, encourage team spirit, spark intellectual debate, and establish citizens’ bonds.

Mr Ralph Nwadike, the Project Coordinator, said the project began to discover talent among the state’s tertiary institutions.

Nwadike said the project is set to discover talents in the university, polytechnic, monotechnic and colleges of education in the state and promote the state and its fantastic culture, art, and tourism.

“The show will air on cable, on the Internet, and on television,” Nwadike said. “It is a reality show the state government can be proud of.”

Producer, director, filmmaker, and seasonal artist Tade Ogidan, said the show Kampus Stars would expose more talents in the state.

Still, Ogidan noted that this reality show would also discover new talent in the film industry.

Stating that the film industry discovered the Femi Adebayo’s, Richard Mofe Damijos, and Sola Shobowales of the world.

Also, Mr Tunji Bamishigbin, a film director, producer, and writer, encouraged the youth to leverage this opportunity to show off their talents.

Lagos state houses a significant number of the nation’s entertainment big wigs and brands; therefore, introducing a programme like this might most likely have a large impact on the youth, discovering more talents.




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