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Lagos partners Doctors Nigeria to launch mobile vaccination campaign

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Lagos SanwoOlu receiving Covid-19 Vaccination

Lagos State Government, in partnership with The Doctors Nigeria, has launched a mobile vaccination campaign initiative in an effort to increase vaccination.

The initiative aims to reduce the distance between vaccination sites and recipients of the vaccines in strategic locations within the state.

Dr Adedayo Osholowu, Executive Producer, ‘The Doctors,’ a TV health series, told journalists recently in Lagos that the partnership would contribute to achieving the World Health Organization’s 70 percent vaccination target by April 2022.

Over 200 people have been vaccinated so far, a figure that Osholowu said was above the national average. He also thanked the Lagos State Primary Healthcare Board for providing them with the Oxford-AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines along with the healthcare professionals involved in the project.

“We realised that with the federal government taking delivery of 40 million of COVID-19 dosage of vaccines and only 7.7 million people of our population which is two per cent of our population are vaccinated. This shows that more people need to get vaccinated that is why we have decided to take it to strategic locations.”

Speaking on hesitancy, Dr Osholowu hinted that “Over the past 10 days we have met with over 20,000 people and today we vaccinated number 201 which is a higher percentage than the national average.”

The MD/ CEO of Lagos Bus Services Limited, Mr Idowu Oguntona, said the newly acquired hospitality bus would be deployed in strategic locations across the state.

According to him, the hope is that they can increase the acceptance rate of vaccination and “I think one of the challenges is that people might be reluctant in moving from home or work to a vaccination centre.

“So this effort is targeted at taking the vaccines to the people, as we got the platform and the buses that we can make available to drive the campaign. We believe with their expertise they can meet people and get them vaccinated to take the stress from people; wherever you are the bus will reach you as they provide the vaccination and if there are questions they are going to provide information, ” he stated.

Similarly, the MD/CEO, Landmark Group Hospitality, Mr Paul Onwuanibe, noted that the partnership was coming at the right time as everybody needs to be more conscious of the COVID-19.

“There is a larger possibility of people who have not been vaccinated to get vaccinated in this kind of environment where they are getting entertained just by having the facility close to them.”

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