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How to navigate heartbreaks

Navigating Heartbreaks

Experiencing the loss of a relationship can be very disheartening and heartbreaking, especially when you really loved that person and were fully invested in the relationship. After a breakup, you may feel that your world has toppled and you’re hanging from a very tiny thread.

Varying emotions will wash over you from time to time, even unexpectedly. At a point, you’ll be completely down, feel self-hate, be angry with the world and conclude that you may never be over this phase.

However, there are some tips you can employ to help navigate the process easily. Below are some helpful tips:

Allow yourself to feel: The first point to note after a breakup is to allow the emotions to wash over you. You may think you can suppress them, but they’ll come rushing right back. You have a right to your feelings and emotions. Let the tears out, scream if you feel like it. Just feel.

Avoid getting into a rebound relationship: This is getting into a relationship before fully getting over an ex. While it may seem to be effective at the beginning, over time you find that you’ve brought baggage from your previous relationship into this new one and can’t really connect with your new partner. In the long run, this would harm the current relationship and you’ll be back to square one. Summarily, getting into a rebound relationship is not a healthy or helpful distraction.

Think logically without playing blame games: Let’s face it, not all breakups are the fault of the other person. You could sit back to think and logically evaluate the whole situation. Recognize the part you played in it and choose to learn from it without blaming yourself.

Seek help: Losing a relationship is hard, and while navigating heartbreak, you would need to talk to people, as you may not be able to handle it all on your own. Talking to a trusted friend or a concerned family member would help ease the burden. Other times, you may need professional help and guidance.

Don’t wallow for too long: You may never have seen this coming, or you taught you had it all under control. But now, it has happened. While there is no timeline or rulebook for how long it takes to get over heartbreak, wallowing in grief for too long will slowly but surely make you a shadow of yourself.

Pick yourself back up: Your relationship was most likely a huge part of your life, and now you feel really hurt. In the process of getting over the heartbreak, you need to focus on other parts of your life and not put your whole life on hold. Go out, have fun, talk to friends and employ healthy distractions.

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