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EndSARS, a year after; Nigerian youths speak

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EndSARS was a historic moment for the youths and every other citizen of Nigeria. However, things took a downward turn when those that fought for justice were tagged criminals, shot dead, injured and arrested, crime walked boldly in the daylight with nothing being done about it. While remembering October 20 2020, and the events that have occurred since then, I will quote popular musician, Falz: “What we will never do, however, is be quiet. We will never ever be silenced. Not today, not on the 20th, not ever.”

In light of the endSARS memorial, a number of youths who came out last year for the endSARS protest were interviewed, those that spoke were between the age group of 24-30.

I vigorously tweeted and retweeted, posted on all my social media pages and even went out physically since I thought this would be the change we all have been waiting for. But unfortunately, as much as the awakening occurred, the hope was killed. I sincerely hope that everyone who lost their lives during the protest rest in peace and hope that their families will find the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss, and I wish sincerely that their death wasn’t for nothing.

I protested, posted online and granted interviews on some radio stations. I also contributed financially too.

The #EndSARS protests was really an eye-opener for me. On one hand, I was able to see that there’s a fight in us and if we are pushed to the wall, we’d fight and that we could unite for a common cause. On another hand, I realised that we don’t mean shit to the government, they could do and undo and nothing is going to happen, this scares me so much.

While speaking to Damilola on if the government had done anything about the requests that were made at the endSARS last year, she said “No, please! To be honest, I think it has gotten worse and it’s not just SARS anymore, all the security agencies now harass and extort the youth whether you are a man or a woman.”

While speaking to Pablo, he stated that as a young person with a car he gets harassed every time for having a car of his own as a young person. Pablo however advised that the government pay attention to the youth and stop killing the youths.

Bliss also mentioned that her friend was extorted of #50,000 two weeks ago between Ede and Ife road just because he was a developer in a nice ride. She added that she hoped that the lives lost at the Lekki tollgate shooting would rest in peace.

Doyin, when contacted, said: “It showed me that despite our differences people can still come together for a common goal and this is something that can be repeated over and over until change is gotten.”

Cynthia said: “It made me believe in the power of one voice regardless of diversity, culture, religion and background and how powerful the youth can be when they join forces.” While talking about how she feels about the government, she said, ” the system failed us, the government failed us, the older generation have failed us!”

Buchi also stated that he saw that, with one voice we can effect the change we need.

Another source who chose to be anonymous while speaking said the youth should stand as one, move and be cautious of the hoodlums that may want to come in between us. very soon, our voice would be heard”.

One year after the endSARS protest, the memory is still vivid. Nothing is more painful than the denial of those deaths. Hoping for the future is not a crime and it will never be a crime. Nigeria is not where we want it to be, we can’t hide the fact that we lack good governance.

BokoHaram has bothered the country for over 8 years, people are dying in Jos and in SOuthern Kaduna, yet we have not seen armoured tanks and deployment of soldiers like we saw last year at EndSARS protests, and even at this year’s memorial. Our leaders are yet to step up their leadership game.

As a country the first right decision we need to make is to ensure we chose the right leaders, get your PVC. Don’t give up, they say it gets darker just before dawn, Nigeria’s dawn will soon break, hold on to hope, do your best and do your part. When it is time to bring change go out and vote your change, the right change.

To those that have lost their lives during the EndSARS protests, may their souls rest in peace and to their families, may they find peace even in these trying times.

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