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Cultists hold Lagos communities hostage for one month, killing three

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Lagos CP, Hakeem-Odumosu

It is claimed that three people have been killed in a series of clashes between the Aiye and Eiye cults in the Owode and Ibeshe communities in Lagos State’s Igbogbo Bayeku Local Council Development Area.

Among the victims was a betting agent, Segun, who was injured by a stray bullet.

The other two victims are suspected cultists, one of whom was shot dead around the F1 bar in the Ebute area of Ikorodu West LCDA last Sunday.

The communities have been in the midst of a supremacy battle for over a month.

According to reports, some residents abandoned their homes for safer environments, while others lived in anxiety.

According to a source, cultists often engage in combat with guns, machetes, and cutlasses, adding that businesses in Owode and Ibeshe have been put on hold due to attacks from the group.

The source said, “What is going on is totally uncalled for, and it is sad that an innocent person, Segun, that I knew very well was killed by a stray bullet shot by these cultists. Two other suspected cultists were killed. One was shot dead adjacent to the F1Bar in Ebute, Ikorodu.

“The clashes between Aiye cultists from Owode and Eiye cultists from Ibeshe have been going on for over a month. What we gathered was that the Eiye cultists killed an Aiye cultist and they have been fighting and killing one another, including innocent residents.

“From 6 pm in Owode and Ibeshe, everywhere is deserted; you won’t even see anyone moving from 7 pm for their safety. The situation has got to a stage where the cultists rob hawkers and business persons of their goods at will. Residents have been relocating; I am also planning to relocate my family.”

Rotimi Balogun, a politician, said the cults were fighting over tax collection from truckers hauling sand into the area as well as over land issues, adding that the local police needed assistance to deal with the situation.

He said, “At least three people have been killed and the crisis has been going on for four weeks. We have reported the situation to the police, but I don’t think the police station in Ibeshe can quell the crisis on the ground as they need backup. The atmosphere is charged, everyone is just anticipating because the cultists can start fighting suddenly.”

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