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Man escapes Lagos kidnap attempt by fake policemen

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In Lagos state’s Lekki area, a man simply identified as SO escaped the clutches of kidnappers who pretended to be officers of the Nigerian Police Force. According to the story shared on social media, the kidnappers were dressed in police uniforms like policemen.

The victim was said to be heading home about 11 p.m. last Friday when he was stopped by five ‘cops’ who requested his car paperwork. After presenting them, the phony cops allegedly demanded that the victim opened his boot, which they did, while also demanding that the victim followed them to inspect the boot.

The phony cops reportedly requested that the victim follow them to the station after searching his boot and discovering only his laptop. The victim protested against the decision but was said to have been shouted down.

According to Isaac Fayose, a friend of the victim’s family who documented the incident on his social media page, the victim was preparing to drive them to the police station when the fake cops declined and demanded his car key.

“These men were about five or more surrounding him. So, he released the keys and sat gunshot with the guy in front while another guy entered the car and sat behind. They signaled to the other guys to follow them in the other black car.

“At this point, he knew that these men were up to something sinister. He felt that dread that crept into your spine when your life is in danger.

“Now his brain was in overdrive. His adrenaline was at its zenith. What to do? What to do? His survival instincts kicked in.

“Just then they were approaching a street with about over 7 men standing by the side. A white car was slowing down and coming from the opposite direction. He knew then, it was now or never. He grabbed the steering and swung it sharply to the left ensuring he bashed the oncoming white vehicle,” Fayose wrote.

The bold attempt, according to Fayose, saved the victim’s life because when the cars collided, one of the fake cops sitting in the back seat opened the door and ran, while the other suspects in the black car sped away, abandoning the victim and the fake police officer driving the car.

He said, “He (the victim) now had to wrestle with the guy in front that you see in that video. That is (the guy) in grey trousers, using all his strength to lock the guy with his legs around his neck. Some men standing by the roadside now came to his rescue and that is how they caught the guy and carried him to the police station.

“We were simply transfixed listening to the telling of his story… I am just glad he didn’t sustain any bodily harm but the trauma of that day is not something one can easily shake off. You all must be careful with these so-called police stops at night or even at noon.

“Whatever you do, never step out of your car at night on a lonely street where so-called police guys are doing so-called car particulars inspection. It is just another kidnapping strategy they use these days to grab their next victim.”

The victim was seen grappling with one of the fake policemen in the front seat of his car in a 15-second video clip attached to the post.

The clip was said to have been filmed by the owner of the automobile the victim’s vehicle slammed into while attempting to flee.

While speaking to the state Police Public Relations Officer, CSP Adekunle Ajisebutu, he said, “We do not have ‘pseudo policemen’ in the state. What we have are police officers.

He however requested what station the men were from.

In his words, “Please, let us know the police station so we can start our enquiry from there. However, we are analysing the video and we will investigate the incident. If it is found to be true we will take appropriate actions.”

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