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10 beautiful throwback hairstyles

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The head is the crown of every woman and unlike the men in Nigeria, it is often demanded that a woman grows her hair to portray her femininity. In the 90s, although there were different perspectives to what beauty is, hairstyles were considered natural beauty.

The fashion world today has made great advancements with many of the styles being changed into different trendy and attractive pieces of work today.

These days, the popular hairstyle trends are human hair extensions, wigs, and some fancy special kinds of weaves.

Here are 10 beautiful throwback hairstyles;

Shuku: This particular hairstyle is named as a result of the hump formed on top of the head after braiding the hair. There are many variations of this popular hairstyle. It is adorned by schoolgirls, young ladies, and married women. It can also be of different types with several plaiting by the sides.

throwback hairstyles - lagospost.ng

Orisabunmi: Orisabunmi meaning “the gods gave me” is a combination of shuku and koroba. To make it more beautiful, the women adorn the hair with beads or cowries. It is said to be a hairstyle for celebration.

throwback hairstyles - lagospost.ng

Patewo: This traditional Yoruba hairstyle is plaited like a hand made to clap. ‘Patewo’ means ‘to clap’ hence the name of the hairstyle. It is adorned by females of all ages and social statuses.

throwback hairstyles - lagospost.ng

Ade-Oba: This style is made to look like a crown.
‘Ade-Oba’ literally means ‘King’s crown’. You will definitely love this when seen on a queen. This style signifies royalty.

throwback hairstyles - lagospost.ng
Ade Oba

Koroba: Koroba means “bucket or pail”. Now imagine what a bucket looks like upside down? That is exactly what the koroba hairstyle looks like. The plaits/braidings run down from the center of the head to all parts of the head. A well-plaited koroba leaves a shiny spot in the center of the head. It is sometimes adorned with red beads.

throwback hairstyles - lagospost.ng

Kolese: Kolese meaning “Legless” is also called “All Back” in English. It is a favoured hairstyle especially with ladies who have oblong faces. The hairs are divided into little bits with a wooden object known as cutting comb or “ilarun” in Yoruba; and then each knot originates from the front and runs to the back of the head, leaving the face bare and unframed.

throwback hairstyles - lagospost.ng

Ipako Elede: Ipako Elede means “pig’s nape”. This hairstyle is the direct opposite of Kolese. The styling/plaiting starts from the back and everything is directed to the front.

throwback hairstyles - lagospost.ng
Ipako Elede

Eko Bridge: This hairstyle is used to represent a bridge in Lagos (Eko), Nigeria. The hair is divided into 10 or 11 sections. The thin braids are then twisted to form a bridge-like point above the head. Married women were known to rock this style more as it looks more complicated for younger females.

throwback hairstyles - lagospost.ng
Eko Bridge

Onile Gogoro: This style originated as a result of the designs seen in the environment by the Yoruba people. ‘Onile Gogoro’ means ‘a very tall building’. Hence, this style is formed by twisting the hair to form a tall building like a skyscraper.

throwback hairstyles - lagospost.ng
Onile Gogoro

Aro Meta: This symbolizes trinity i.e. three equal things. The hair is woven to form three humps on the head; a hump at the front and two at the back of the head.

throwback hairstyles - lagospost.ng
Aro Meta
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