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World sight day: Lockdown led to more sight problem – Dr Idahosa

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The world on October 14, 2021, celebrated World Sight Day, with the theme ‘Love your eyes’. This year, some non-governmental organisations and eye clinics in Nigeria conducted free eye tests and consultations for people in a bid to encourage regular eye checkups among citizens.

Lagospost visited Ultimate Eye Clinic in Lagos and spoke to Dr Ajayi Idahosa, an optometrist at the clinic, he explained that it is a yearly routine for the clinic in October to conduct free eye tests days before the World Sight Day and round it off on an international day for Lagosians.

He said sadly, most people in Nigeria do not know they need to get their eyes checked as they have a lot going on for them.

“Most people don’t actually know that anything like this is going on. Secondly, most people don’t know they also need to check their eyes. This screening in the past week has actually brought something to be aware of”

Speaking on the common eyesight problem in Nigeria, Idahosa said it varies for those who are hypertensive or diabetic, it can present itself in the condition while saying, age effects also determine what eye defect is common. “For older adults, presbyopia is common, while for young adults there is more of myopia, in particular age, let’s say from 5 to 18 most persons are myopic”

When asked if technology is a culprit for the large scale sight problem, Dr Idahosa averred that the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic led many to start working and studying remotely on their computer systems.

“Due to the fact that they have been lockdown for a couple of months and most people are working from home and what that means is that you’re always spending time on a computer screen, so yes there’s been a significant increase in their vision”

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