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Why you need to reduce your phone usage

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The reliance on smartphones has spiked as a large number of applications are developed. Most of our daily activities are tied to the use of our smartphones, right from alarms and reminders, to even health and mobility applications that keep us fit.

Our mobile devices are one of the greatest and smartest inventions ever made. They help keep us informed and entertained, and there’s almost nothing that can’t be done with our smartphones. However, while they have their importance, their constant and unrestrained usage can be quite harmful. Hence, it is expedient to reduce its usage.

It is important to note that the actual ownership and usage of a mobile phone is not inherently bad, since there are people who use this piece of technology to become better people, transact international business, and even build stronger bonds with family, friends and acquaintances. However, an abuse of this piece of technology can also be hazardous to the user of a mobile phone.

Naturally, people are made to believe that every form of our existence is tied to the mobile phone, a claim which is not totally false. however, everyone has a choice to stick with an existence tied to a piece of technology or take healthy breaks in order to strengthen one’s health and familial or social bonds.

With mobile phones and technology generally, many people believe that they are forward-thinking people, however, forum conversations on social media platforms have shown repeatedly that most of us who use this technology are actually deficient one way or the other. For instance, because we read stuff online, we think we know a lot when in the actual sense, much of this information is not necessarily credible – the internet contains information that may not necessarily be true, that’s why we have rising numbers of fake news.

Incredulously, we also seem not to know how much, our life references our mobile devices. When we need to solve an arithmetic problem, we pull out the calculator app. When we need to get directions, we pull out the map app. When we need to be entertained we pull up Facebook or Twitter or the latest mobile games. There is a need to restrict our phone usage in order to strengthen our minds by allowing us to solve our daily problems ourselves.

Excess mobile phone usage has also wrecked relationships and marriages. There are rampant stories where a spouse gets a phone call or an email concerning work after he or she has left the office, interrupting dinner with family. If work-life balance is not clearly defined, relationships might crash. By reducing mobile usage, you mute the easy approach and set an actual boundary between work and home life.

It is evidently proven that a very long amount of time in front of a screen can weaken your eyes as facts are widespread. Hence, limiting the way we use our phones can also help reduce the development of any form of eye defect.

An undue usage of mobile phones can also deprive us of our night rest, quite often, because of our phones. Most people go to bed grabbing their phones, browsing through social media, checking the news, emails or texts. Hours are spent every night, divesting us of the proper amount of sleep. This has a huge effect on our body, as in most cases, could cause or lead to insomnia.

An express reliance on social media can trigger depression, especially after seeing people uploading just pictures of achievements. This can cause you to believe you are not thriving when in an actual sense, these achievements are either over-exaggerated or inexistent. The truth is that many of the things seen on social media are for showbiz, and should not be taken to heart.

Overall, our phone’s usage has a ripple effect on our entire being, physically and mentally, and as such, we should not because of the claim that we are in a world filled with technology sabotage our health for the sake of being woke. There is rejuvenation when you take a break from your phone and other devices, appreciating nature can never be out of vogue, take a walk today, meditate, go to the gym and above all, spend time with your loved ones.

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