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‘Squid Game’ boosts new subscriptions on Netflix

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Global streaming platform, Netflix, has announced an increase in its subscriber growth following its newest viral addition, ‘Squid Game’.

The South Korean series was released on Netflix worldwide on September 17, 2021, after which it speedily gained attention internationally. It has attracted millions of viewers from many households worldwide and has become Netflix’s most-watched series to date which makes it a big hit.

It is a series about debt-ridden individuals in a tight economic situation playing a deadly game for a cash prize worth millions of dollars.

According to a letter released by Netflix, the streaming platform recorded the addition of 4.4 million new subscribers globally between July and September, bringing the total number of users to 213.6 million. An excerpt from the letter to investors reads:

Netflix is a global, direct-to-consumer service which enables creators to reach broader audiences- and gives our members an even greater choice of stories to enjoy. There is no better example of this than ‘Squid Game’”.

These new figures reportedly exceed both the streaming platform and analyst forecasts. However, the streamer predicts 222 million subscribers by the next quarter.

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