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Magodo residents protest over presence of 50 police officers

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Residents of Lagos’ Magodo Phase II Estate are protesting the presence of more than 50 armed police officers on their estate.

The estate’s management closed the two entrance gates early Tuesday.

As a result of the closure, vehicular movement was disrupted.

People were permitted to leave the estate but were not permitted to enter.

The residents were seen carrying placards to voice their dissatisfaction.

They questioned the existence of the police officers, who were alleged have been on the estate since last month.

Speaking with the Chairman of Magodo Residents’ Association, Bajo Osinubi, said: “We called our people out to protest this morning.

“Over 50 policemen are living within the estate. We want the police out of our estate.

“There is no cases of kidnapping, rioting, but why are they still here? We want them out of our estate.

“We want to live in peace. This is a business between Lagos State government and the Adeyiga family.

“We are under seige; the police have been here for two weeks, they came in December to take possession of properties on behalf of Adeyiga family and others.

“Since then, we’ve gotten in touch with prominent personalities to intervene and get the police off our estate.

“We are victims, even inside our own homes. The police have been here. They are very restless.

“Just imagine there is an altercation between a resident and the police. The easiest way to avoid any of such scenarios is to detach the police officers back to Abuja.

“We’ve allowed people to go out, but we are protesting this morning to let the world know what’s going. We are supposed to be at work, but we want the whole world to know what’s happening at Magodo.

“The governor spoke with me yesterday (Monday), and he said he’s on top of it. He has promised to address the situation.

“The Commissioner of Police last week sent the DCP Ops to supervise the withdrawal of troops but they claimed they are yet to get signal. We learnt the police were drafted from Abuja.

“Our immediate concern is to get the police out of the estate for us to leave in peace.

“We need the government to do the needful to get the family off our neck.

“About four to five years ago, they did it, and now again this year, they want to do it.”



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