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LASRAB strives to preserve Isale Eko’s historical heritage

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The Isale Eko Descendants’ Union and the family of Oba Adeniji-Adele II have collaborated with the Lagos State Records and Archives Bureau, LASRAB, to showcase various Historic Exhibitions in Isale Eko as part of efforts to ensure the preservation of the historical heritage of Isale Eko Descendants in Lagos State.

The inaugural edition of the exhibition series was held on Sunday, December 26th, 2021, at Isale Eko House, Iga Idugaran, with a pictorial exhibition of the: “Life & Times of H.R.M. Oba Musendiku Adeniji-Adele, Adele II, K.B.E., C.B.E., who was the 19th Oba of Lagos (1949-1964)”.

Mrs. Bilikis Adebiyi-Abiola, Director-General of LASRAB, said in her remarks at the ceremony that the program was crucial for preserving the life and times of one of Lagos State’s notable rulers who died some years ago.

Adebiyi-Abiola, represented by Dr Kolawole Oseni, an Agency Director, stated that the celebration was possible because some individuals were paying attention to the King’s growth, life, and progress while he was still alive.

Her words: “We, at the Lagos State Records and Archives Bureau, are committed to keeping proper documentation and we thank the family of our late King for being very cautious in keeping all these records and that is why we are able to preserve some of the archival materials being celebrated today”.

She urged Lagosians to cultivate the habit of record keeping and preservation of historical heritage, saying “We are all qualified for exhibition and must all begin to keep and preserve our records as individuals, families, communities and as a nation, this is the only way we can be talking about the future to preserve it by creating it now”.

Prince Adeniji Kazeem, SAN, a former Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice in Lagos State, said the exhibition will provide a look into the beloved leader’s life and times, as well as demonstrate how influential he was in the affairs of Lagos.

According to him, the visual exhibitions convey a feeling of the strong relationship between the Oba and his people, which is very important for any aspiring leader, just as he urged the community’s indigenes to continue learning from the king’s legacies.

In his words: “In pursuit of our objectives, we need to be bold, brave and resolute, so that our dreams and aspirations for a rebirth of great Isale Eko and Lagos will be a reality. These exhibitions also show that the life of the king was impactful, so we the younger generation must also do more for our world so that history can have a record of us when we are no more”.

The former Commissioner emphasized the importance of traditional institutions to the State Government, stating that traditional rulers play critical roles in communicating with people at the grassroots.

He credited Oba Adeniji-Adele II with laying the groundwork for Lagos, which has since grown to become Africa’s fifth-largest economy.

“The Oba meant many things to so many people. He was a political and community leader, loving father and husband, religious leader, and a beacon of hope to so many. We have a lot to learn from his life and times. The Adeniji-Adele family are grateful to the Isale-Eko Descendants Union for providing this rallying platform for Isale-Eko indigenes”, he added.

He stated that the Oba lived well and would have been pleased with the eventual fulfilment of his goals for Lagos State.

Omolola Adele-Oso, the late king’s granddaughter, stated that the event was also intended to highlight Isale Eko’s rich culture.

“Isale Eko is one of the oldest parts of Lagos. The prosperity of Lagos started here, a lot of policies that make Lagos State a rich commercial hub started from here during the reign of the king”, she said.

While emphasizing that there is a lot of richness in Isale Eko, from politics to economic growth and tourism, she said there is a lot more that people need to know, informing that the exhibitions were designed to attract tourists, not just for economic reasons, but for the richness of the community’s culture.

Adele-Oso said: “Tourism is beyond entertainment, Nollywood and afrobeat. It is a great way to attract people here to celebrate and boost the economy of this community. There is a lot of richness in Lagos that started from here and an exhibition as this is a step forward”.
“There is a lot of richness about Isale Eko heritage that people need to understand. There were cinemas, casinos and theatres here, but they are no more, due to lack of preservation. We need to do this for all the families that have come before now because this will give room for investment, job creation and boost the community”, she added.

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