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LASG, NGO collaborate to empower communities

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The Lagos State Government (LASG) has announced a partnership with the God Bless Nigeria Church, a subsidiary of the Freedom Foundation, a non-governmental organization, to undertake activities targeted at rehabilitating and empowering Lagos State communities.

During a rally in Lagos, Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu stated that the programmes would focus on giving medically assisted detoxification to persons aged 17 to 59 who are struggling with alcohol and hard drug addiction.

He stated that his administration is committed to collaborating and scaling up the operations of God Bless Nigeria to meet the rehabilitation requirements of drug and alcohol addictions in the state’s various communities.

“We are delighted that God Bless Nigeria has decided to collaborate with the government to come to Agege to rehabilitate and empower its residents.

“We decided to partner with Freedom Foundation and God Bless Nigeria because they have been achieving great things in their efforts towards rehabilitating and empowering helpless and homeless people across the shores of the state,” Lagos State governor said.

The convener of the Freedom Foundation, Tony Rapu, stated that the collaboration between the Lagos State government and God Bless Nigeria would strengthen the Freedom Foundation’s and God Bless Nigeria’s capacity to rehabilitate and empower communities in need, thereby driving the state’s and nation’s economic recovery.

He stated that the organization is committed to implementing plans and projects that assist in removing people from the streets of Lagos and placing them in homes, as well as train them with skills that will enable them to contribute economically to the state’s growth.

He said: “we did our research to find out the slums of Lagos State and decided those are the people and places we want to take our empowerment schemes to.

“Since the inception of our foundation and church we have been counselling individuals from slums and helping them find better homes and jobs.

“We believe that we are not only helping the individuals because when we help people get off the streets and illicit activities we are also helping the environment to get better,” Tony Rapu said.

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