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Lagos PDP set to hold state congress on Saturday

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The Lagos State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ahead of the party’s national convention, will host its state congress on Saturday, October 16, 2021.

The 14 members of the State Working Committee will be elected by the same congress that elects the new state executive.

According to a statement issued by the party’s departing Publicity Secretary in the state, Taofik Gani, the congress would be elective.

He also went on to say that, despite the fact that each of the offices in question has more than one candidate, the party expects a smooth procedure.

He said, “The elected officers shall serve in their capacities for four years. Most of them have been lobbying for votes. It should be a family affair. The offices all have more than two contenders. We have no doubt that at the end the best persons for the offices will emerge and hopefully, the party will also come out stronger.

The Election Committee from Abuja will make public the eventual modalities for the process.”
Within the previous 20 days, the PDP in the state hosted Ward and Local Government Congresses.

As a result of various factors delaying the proceedings, Lagos and five other states chose staggered congresses.

Also, the delegates for the PDP National Convention, which is scheduled for the end of October 2021, will be determined once the States Congresses are completed.

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