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Angela Merkel steps down as Germany’s chancellor after 16 years, Olaf Scholz sworn in

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Olaf Scholz said goodbye to his predecessor at the chancellery, thanking her for her commitment to the role

Olaf Scholz has been sworn in as Germany’s new chancellor, taking over formally from Angela Merkel who for the past 16 years has led in that capacity.

Olaf has promised that he would do all he can to work towards a new start for Germany.

As she left the chancellery, Mrs Merkel told her former vice-chancellor to approach the task “with joy”.

Mr Scholz, a soft-spoken 63-year-old, moved the Social Democrats to election victory in late September, positioning himself as the continuity candidate because he played a key role in the Merkel government as vice-chancellor.

The Bundestag — German parliament, backed him as chancellor by 395 votes to 303, and he was then formally appointed as the ninth federal chancellor by President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

After the vote in parliament, he was asked by Bundestag President Bärbel Bas if he accepted the appointment and he said “yes”.

He later took the oath of office and, unlike his predecessor, he left out the religious reference “so help me God”.

Since the election, Mr Scholz’s party has worked with the Greens and the Free Democrats on a coalition deal, which was finally signed on Tuesday.

All 16 ministers took the oath of office on Wednesday, becoming Germany’s first cabinet to include as many women as men.

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