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6 productive things you can do in Lagos traffic

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Lagos State, the most populated city in Nigeria, is known for its usual traffic jams. One of the challenges faced in the city is getting home at odd hours after leaving your home before the day breaks.

The ban of ‘okada’ in the state is not helping matters, as many Lagosians experience difficulty in getting to their destination faster. Commuters are left with buses which are largely affected by traffic jams on the road, due to bad roads and traffic diversions.

The ban of Okada has led to an increase in the number of buses commuting the Lagos roads.

According to a study, Lagos State, formerly Nigeria’s capital, is the third most stressful city in the world. People are stressed for different reasons, and spending long hours in traffic commuting daily is one of the justifications for the city being in the top three on the most stressful city list.

The lack of good road networks and a relatively ineffective transport system are also some of the reasons for the unavoidable traffic jams experienced in Lagos.

Earlier in the year 2022, Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State, had wondered how Lagosians survive without adequate rest, and coupled with the daily traffic experience.

He said, “I don’t know how people in Lagos survive. Every day, four hours in traffic for five days. I don’t know if Saturdays and Sundays are enough for them to rest.

“That is why I feel that all those that have lived in Lagos for 20 years should just go straight to heaven because they have already lived in hell. Honestly, they have paid their dues, so they should just be given a free pass.”

That is the reality of residents and commuters in Lagos, spending a bulk of their time being stuck in traffic. Contrary to popular belief that time in traffic should just be spent catching up or sleeping, you can spend time creatively and wisely by doing the following things:
However, here are some of the things you can do while in traffic:

1. Listen to podcasts/audiobooks

Being caught up in traffic shouldn’t create room for doing nothing. While waiting for the traffic to ease off, you might choose to listen to informative/entertaining podcasts or audiobooks. All you need to do is choose one, plug in your earphones, and let it play.

Thanks to good earphones, you will be able to cut off distractions caused by noises around you.

2. Be Creative

Creative ideas come from even the weirdest places. There is so much happening around you when there is traffic, and you shouldn’t let the opportunity to gain new ideas slip off your hands.

It might be a creative idea on drawing, a song or possibly a write-up on the particular situation.

3. Gain Knowledge

When these ideas come to you, it is good you embrace it and learn new things to better actualize it.

The internet gives us access to everything we want to learn. There are many things we can learn on our own as we seek to be better informed.

You can go on YouTube, Udemy, and Coursera etc to gain more knowledge to better improve your ideas or skills.

4. Catch up on news around the world

Staying informed is essential, as one cannot afford to be ignorant of things around you as well as happenings in the world.

Use your time in traffic to tune in to a news station, check social media, or read whatever platform you get information from.

4. Prepare your to-do list

Sometimes, you get so busy with numerous tasks but don’t know how to get them done.

These tasks may be overwhelming, causing you to lose track of some of them.

To keep you occupied and less infuriated while stuck in traffic, you might want to put down your tasks for the day or those you weren’t able to complete.

This will help make your tasks more manageable and better organised.

5. Check on your loved ones

I know you would be wondering why, especially when the environment is not conducive for calls.

It wouldn’t take anything to text or check up on them on WhatsApp, Facebook or other social media platforms.

This makes you feel relaxed and calm as the joy of hearing from your loved ones soothes the mind.

6. Watch your favourite series

Many times, you might get busy at work and would not be able to watch your favourite series, and when you think you might do that when home, you might not be interested to watch again after a hectic day in the office.

Being caught up in traffic provides an opportunity for you to relax and enjoy the moment.

Remember, every disappointment comes with a blessing.

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