Home Sponsored Posts Zenith bank lightens up Ajose Adeogun street for 2022 Christmas ceremony

Zenith bank lightens up Ajose Adeogun street for 2022 Christmas ceremony

Zenith bank lightens up Ajose Adeogun street for 2022 Christmas ceremony

The 2022 Zenith Bank Christmas Light-Up Ceremony, which took place on Saturday, November 19, 2022, at the Ajose Adeogun Street Roundabout in Victoria Island, Lagos, was absolutely phenomenal as the Christmas and Yuletide season came to life.

Many employees and clients of the bank attended the ceremonial lighting ceremony, which was conducted by Mr Ebenezer Onyeagwu, Group Managing Director/CEO of Zenith Bank Plc, with assistance from Executive Management. Others participated virtually.

The Light-up Ceremony marked its 16th anniversary this year with the theme “Let There Be Light.” The Light-Up event is an annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiated by the bank to celebrate the holiday season by beautifying Ajose Adeogun Street, which is home to Zenith Bank’s corporate headquarters. The street has become known as an iconic location that draws people from all walks of life who come to see the wonderful spectacle, especially at night, and to take pictures and videos of it.

Speaking at the occasion, Onyeagwu expressed his joy at bringing in the 2022 holiday season by lighting up the famous Ajose Adeogun Street. He said: “Today is a special day. It is special in that we will start the Christmas season off right by turning on the lights and igniting our customary festive atmosphere. The wife of our founder and chairman, Mrs Kay Ovia, is among us, which is another aspect that makes it special.

He commended Quantum Markets, the organization in charge of the yearly decorations, for their exceptional, exceptionally inventive, and exceptionally gorgeous work. He asserted that there are no recurring motifs in the Christmas décor we use because it is absolutely fresh each year. And just when we believe we’ve seen it all, a new one appears that is vastly and utterly different. As I walked in, I was unsure if this was a theme park for the one this year.

Onyeagwu prayed for peace in every household, place of business, and in the world while urging everyone to embrace the message and spirit of Christmas, which is about peace, love, forgiveness, and respect for all people.

By incorporating sustainability principles into its business operations, Zenith Bank has made a clear distinction for itself in the Nigerian financial services sector as an organization dedicated to creating a more sustainable and inclusive economy and promoting ethical business practices in Nigeria. The foundation of the bank’s sustainability and CSR initiatives is the idea that an institution’s social investments, contributions to inclusive economic growth and development, as well as improvements in the state of the physical environment, all add up to a balanced scorecard that accounts for all aspects of an organization’s performance today.

The main goal of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which give a framework for addressing the most pressing issues facing society, has been reflected by Zenith Bank through its CSR efforts. Its social investments are focused on improving public infrastructure, women’s and youth empowerment, health, and education. Overall, Zenith Bank invested NGN4.37 billion in CSR in 2021, a 33.1% increase from 2020 and 1.79% of its Profit After Tax (PAT). The bank is still dedicated to promoting the social, cultural, and economic growth of its host communities, particularly through philanthropic efforts and community-based programs. It continues to produce projects with long-term social and economic benefits for the communities as a good corporate citizen since it thinks that its business is only as strong as the communities in which it operates.

The bank often contributes to the establishment of cutting-edge ICT centres in a number of educational institutions and localities across the nation as a way to show its dedication to generating and extending opportunities. Additionally, it contributes to the growth of sports in Nigeria by sponsoring events like the Zenith Women’s Basketball League and the Zenith Bank Delta State Principal’s and Headmaster’s Football Competitions, among other initiatives for development and healthcare delivery.

The bank was honoured as the “Most Responsible Organization in Africa” at the Sustainability, Enterprise, and Responsibility (SERAS) Awards 2021 in recognition of its achievements and social investments to its host communities and society as a whole.


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