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#WorldAIDSDay: Living with the Virus

LagosPost World Aids Day 2021 event

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The first two AIDS cases in Nigeria were diagnosed in 1985 and reported in 1986 in Lagos. Sadly, as of 2020, about 1.7 million HIV-related deaths were recorded.

The news of the new virus created panic, doubt as well as a myriad of emotions in Nigerians. It was first seen as a disease peculiar to homosexuals, while some outrightly claimed it was false, some other people saw it as a ploy by the West to discourage sex. Nigerian conspiracy theorists coined an acronym for AIDS, and called it the ‘American Idea for Discouraging Sex’.

When the reality of the virus set in, stigmatisation became rife, as disinformation was common — people thought the virus could be contracted through physical touch, leading people to avoid carriers, and in some cases family members abandoning them to their fate.

Today, while science has consistently advanced the frontiers of getting a lasting solution to the virus, there is still a lot of information and re-education to be done as a large number of people still live their lives in ignorance of the nuances of the virus.

This year, the theme of World AIDS Day is ‘End inequalities. End AIDS’. This is because statistics have proven that discrimination can also cause infected people not to seek help. There is a need for people to understand that we can live with people with the virus, without being infected.

‘Living with the Virus’, an online webinar organised by LagosPost to commemorate the 2021 World AIDS Day will shed insight into all that needs to be said about living with the virus, ending stigmatisation as well as loving carriers of the virus.

Join us on December 1, 2021, by 10 am, as we get experts and warriors, who will share insight into ‘Living with the Virus’ and ending stigmatisation.

Register for the webinar here

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