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Hoe-Phase; Good for me?

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Do you feel like exploring sexual activities with multiple people?

Do you find being with one partner gross at the moment?

Well, you might just be hoe-phasing.

According to the Urban dictionary, the hoe-phase is a “phase in your life that occurs frequently when you are fine with exploring promiscuous activities and connecting with random people.”

It’s a period that most young people will experience, it is not peculiar to a gender.
A period where you let your guard down and say I don’t give a fxxk what people think, I just want to live my life.


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A time you damn the consequences of having multiple sexual partners, sometimes with strangers whom you might never meet again.

Is it normal? Yes.

Is it healthy? If it’s safe sex, then it is.

Every woman should experience this at least once in her life, a time when you shut down society’s comment and focus on your happiness and sexual fulfillment.

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How would you know you are hoe-phasing?

When you feel like not being tied to one person, or you just feel like having your sexual fantasies become reality.

This is a phase you don’t want to be with one partner, because this would be too emotional for them unless you’re in an open relationship.

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it is advisable to be single and unattached to any man/woman during this period.

There is no age limit to hoe-phase, YOLO remember! So do you. So, you’ve decided to explore your hoe-phasing mode.

As a woman, what should you do to make sure you are safe, physically, mentally, and health-wise?

Background Check; Do a background check of the guy you would be romping with, be sure he is mentally stable and does not have a record of being abusive.
In Nigeria, The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) has created a website where you can do a background check of sexual offenders as well as report them.

Choose the location;
hoe-phase - lagospost.ngAlways choose where you would be using, as this gives you the advantage of being safe. Try to be familiar with the place before inviting someone over.

Have your Condoms;
hoe-phase - lagospost.ngSometimes, guys keep condoms in their wallets, but you want to be sure it is a new one.
Most times, the condoms spend too long in their wallet and would have lost their efficacy.
They sometimes buy fake condoms too, which cannot be trusted.
So, buy your own condom, whether male or female condoms, your choice.

Medical Check;

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nurse taking a blood sample

If you don’t want to use condoms because you’ll feel restricted, then take some tests of your prospective mate to eliminate the possibility of contracting infections.

Birth control pills are available at medical centres, use them when you’ve confirmed meeting with your prospective partners, this will eliminate the idea of getting pregnant and allow you to express yourself more.

Prepare an NDA (Optional);
If you want your sexual escapade to remain a secret, then a Non Disclosure Agreement is required for you to prepare by your lawyer, for the persons you’ll be engaging with during this period.
These are few tips to help you keep safe while enjoying your hoe-phase, but just so you know, it doesn’t take away the loneliness of being single.

Should you try it? Why not
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I recommend that every female should experience this phase at least once, except when you are married. You don’t have to publicly announce it. Men don’t.

Sadly, we live in a society that is hypocritical and judgemental, so you might want to travel outside your locale to explore your sexual adventure.

Practice they say makes perfect, and this includes good sex. Hoe-phase can improve your skills and abilities, especially when you decide to be with one partner.

Remember, be you, do you and there is nothing wrong with having good and safe sex.



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