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What Nigeria needs in her next president

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The issue of electing a president to rule Nigeria is a very tasking one as the country is filled with so many great minds, great thinkers and great changers.

It is no news that 2023 is a significant year in the lives of Nigerians, as our choice of leaders determines the next four or eight years thereafter.

Being an election year, it would either make or mar Nigeria’s future, depending on the choice we made through our votes. 2023 is a year when Nigerians will choose to either continue with the current government of corruption, poverty, insecurity, decay in the educational sector, incessant killings and terrorism or start the journey to greatness with a completely refined, defined and structured government.

As much as we desire good governance, it is important to note that good governance does not fall down from heaven. It does not fall like the biblical manna, which God sent down to be consumed by the Israelites. Rather, if we desire good governance, we should work for it. Choose people who have worked on their characters and made maintaining integrity their watchword. It is also critical that we recognize that candidates chosen for the presidency are common people who have groomed themselves in various ways to be fit for the leadership position.

What would make the change in 2023 and beyond is the person Nigerians choose to have as their president.

The president leads the country, a leader who doesn’t possess leadership qualities is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. A leader does one of two things; he either takes the nation he leads to his level or brings the nation to his level. This is very critical because whatever is experienced in a country is a reflection of the leader’s capacity. No leader can outperform his capacity. Every country is a reflection of the leader it has at any point.

If a leader is visionary, his country would tend toward greatness. If a leader is purposeful, his country would be highly respected. If a leader is enterprising, his country would develop in all ramifications. If a leader is strong on integrity, his country would neither condone indiscipline nor excuse corruption. If a leader is resourceful, his country would not get into debt.

Likewise, If a leader is not visionary, the country will be filled with mediocrity, if a leader is not organised, his country will be in disarray, if a leader is myopic, the country is visionless and borrowing becomes the order of the day and also if a leader lacks creativity, both material and human resources suffer mismanagement and further heightens underdevelopment.

Having these in mind, it is crucial to note that the right leader needs to be elected as the next president or things might eventually get worse. Having a visionless, disoriented, myopic and uneducated leader in 2023 will be a situation of moving from frying pan to fire.

Without further ado, What Nigeria needs in our next president includes.

1. Character

In the 2023 presidential election, Nigerians must vote for a man with the strength of character. Strength in this sense does not in any way mean physical or emotional strength. I know Nigerians want a strong man, but it is key that we go for someone who has the strength of character.
A leader who is strong in character will not shut his eyes to injustice, will not encourage corruption, and will not embrace incompetence. To take Nigeria to the next level, Nigerians need a leader with integrity.

2. Restructured Institutions

A leader needs to address institutions, not only educational institutions but likewise religious, justice, business, politics and so on. A weak leader cannot guarantee strong restructured Institutions. The foundation of every leadership is significant, as a corrupt foundation of leadership would not criticize a failed government. In this regard, the issue of ‘godfatherism’ should be totally wiped out, as leaders especially weak leaders become puppets doing only the biddings of their godfathers in government.

It is saddening to note that Nigeria has been ruled by weak-minded people over the years. Our leaders have been integrity deficient, morally bankrupt and presented themselves as to all shades of corruption. They are power drunken, worship at the altar of lust, pay obeisance to the god of self-indulgence and genuflect on tribal and religious demons.

A major way to strengthen institutions is to build an effective justice system such that no one is above the law. This will not happen naturally, it will take discipline, especially when political leaders despite being at the highest level of government are courageous enough to step on toes and punish every breach. But how can leaders with soiled hands come to equity?

A leader who will build strong institutions must understand the demand and responsibility of high office, built on the right foundation.

3. Vibrant youth

Over the years, we have seen the results of being led by old leaders. It has been a total catastrophe. Nigeria needs youthful leaders. The old, greedy and aged should not rule because they are not strong to lead a large population of over 200 million Nigerians.

In recent years, it has been proven that old leaders invest most of the time meant to rule and better govern the country into travelling for treatment of health-related issues. These health issues are mostly age-related.

Conclusively, in 2023, it is important that Nigerians change the narrative. We have to elect a president who is strong in character, who has the ability to restructure institutions, and most importantly, be a young vibrant youth.

These and even more are the characteristics that our next president should possess. The power of change is possible if Nigerians join forces together to achieve it. The change we seek is within us.

A better, greater and stable Nigeria can be achieved.

The change begins with us.

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