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Water: To sip or to gulp?

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You have tried and succeeded to get into the habit of quickly chugging down large gulps of water from time to time because of the numerous benefits of water that have been drilled into you, like proper functioning of internal organs, clear skin, constipation relief and many more.

Water drinking is something we have consistently heard about, and still hear a lot about.

An adult human is made up of approximately 60% water. Water is a good solvent and can be used by the body to transport salts, carbohydrates, and proteins to the right place.

While some people have no issues with drinking water regularly, for many others, it can be a real challenge. They prefer to get it over with by drinking a giant bottle of water all at once, maybe twice daily.

What you might not know is that when it comes to drinking water, it is not only a matter of how much you drink, but also how you drink. And not drinking water correctly can do more harm than good.

Here’s how it works

When the body is dehydrated, and needs water, it send a signal of thirst to us to drink water, and we eventually do.

If you’ve ever tried drinking a large bottle or cup of water all at once, which we all have, you would have noticed that within a short period of time, you made very frequent and urgent trips to the bathroom.

This is because your body responds to this water rush by flushing out what it doesn’t need, resulting in regular trips to and from the bathroom.

When it comes to drinking, sipping is better than gulping. Quickly gulping down water doesn’t solve the purpose of drinking water. When you drink it fast, the impurities that are supposed to go out get deposited in the kidneys and the bladder.

Also, research has shown that when we sip water regularly instead of gulping down large amounts, urine excretion is lower because the body absorbs more of the water and stays hydrated.

Can I drink ‘too much’ water?

Yes, even water can be too much. It is called hyponatremia or water intoxication. When this happens, the sodium levels in the body can become too low, leading to swelling in the brain, coma and seizures.


Start sipping water slowly instead of guzzling it down at once. Having water slowly and taking small sips can help in strengthening your digestive system and improve your metabolism, and you reap other benefits of water.

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