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United airlines removes unruly passenger from aircraft in Lagos


United Nigeria Airlines, UNA, on Tuesday removed an unruly female passenger from its Lagos to Owerri-bound aircraft, Flight U5 0510.

It was learnt that the passenger was escorted off the plane by security agents following her disruptive behaviour, which jeopardized the safety and order on board.

The disturbance began when a flight attendant asked the passenger to place her handbag in the overhead bin, which the passenger refused and became confrontational.

She was reported to have loudly protested the request, saying, “This is my handbag, and you shouldn’t direct or tell me where to put it.

“This is not my first time on an aircraft. Please do not disturb me, leave me and my bag alone.”

Her actions caused a delay in the flight schedule as she continued to raise her voice. Shortly after, security personnel were called to intervene and escorted her off the plane.

Captain Tanunotonye Edom, the aircraft’s captain, apologised to the other passengers, who were understandably concerned about the delay.

The flight, which was originally scheduled for a 7 a.m. departure, was delayed by several minutes, departing shortly before 8 a.m.



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