Home National ‘Tinubu’s government will guarantee Nigeria of our dream’ — Senator Raji-Rasaki

‘Tinubu’s government will guarantee Nigeria of our dream’ — Senator Raji-Rasaki

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Senator Fatimat Olufunke Raji-Rasaki has revealed that the incoming administration which will guarantee a rebirth of the nation into economic buoyancy and peaceful coexistence.

The call was made by Senator Fatimat Olufunke Raji-Rasaki when she spoke with newsmen on the transition of power.

Raji-Rasaki commemorated the outgoing administration of President Muhammed Buhari’s eight years and the success recorded during his two tenures in office.

Senator Raji-Rasaki said God answered the cry of the Nigerian masses in the presidency of Asiwaju Tinubu, adding: “The Nigerian people made the choice of a selfless statesman, a man of honour and go-getter.

“Tinubu has all it takes to take Nigeria out of the woods.

“This is the time to stand as one.

“The more we fight, the less peace we will have among us.

“The time has come for all well meaning Nigerians to wake up to the responsibility of building a nation, safer, stronger and prosperous for our children.

“The incoming administration is up to the task of giving back to the electorates the yearnings for quick repositioning.

“I want to assure you that Tinubu’s administration will unlock Nigeria’s growth potential with new economic policies.

“He is a good leader that understands how to open the great possibilities of Nigeria in line with global realities and using tools and resources that work to lift Nigeria from its economic quagmire.

“The incoming administration will be public and private sectors driven.

“Tinubu has the track record of working with transformational leaders.

“Under his leadership, Nigeria will have leaders that create visions.

“Highly skilled individuals will be injected to run the economy of Nigeria.

“These steps will ensure a great nation devoid of rancour and instability.”



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