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Tinubu is already one of the best presidents to rule Nigeria — Yakasai


Tanko Yakasai, a northern leader, says President Bola Tinubu is already one of the best presidents to rule Nigeria and has the pedigree and capacity to change the state of things in the country.

Yakasai, 97, is a Nigerian politician, human rights activist and former liaison officer to ex-President Shehu Shagari.

At a briefing after meeting with the president, Mr Yakasai said Nigeria required a man with a track record of good governance and a well-versed politician to get it out of the woods.

He said with the precedence set in Lagos when Mr Tinubu was the governor for eight years, Nigerians should expect good times in the next six to 12 months.

“Right from the time he declared his intention, had supported Tinubu’s aspiration to lead the country. My support was borne out of a personal conviction that a real politician will be the only one that can solve the myriad problems of the country,” stated Mr Yakasai.

The northern politician added, “In the past few days of his inauguration, I became more convinced that my support was not lost. The few decisions and laws signed as well as appointments have further singled him out as one of the best presidents to rule Nigeria.”

Mr Yakasai called on Nigerians to pray for the Tinubu government to succeed, adding that the gains of the recent pronouncements would soon manifest.

He said he believed that Nigerians would have cause to smile after the benefits of the decisions taken by Mr Tinubu begin to be manifest. Mr Yakasai added that he visited the president to congratulate him on his electoral victory.

“I came with some members of my family to felicitate Mr President on his success at the polls and to pray for the success of his administration. I will want Nigerians to stand by him in order enjoy the kind of development that happened in Lagos,” said Mr Yakasai.




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