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‘The team lacks the mental capabilities to play well’ — Xavi

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Xavi believes Barcelona have the footballing ability, but their mental strength is holding them back. He returned to Camp Nou last month with Barcelona in a real rut and is yet to get them out.

The Catalan side were eliminated from the Champions League group stage in a 3-0 defeat to Bayern Munich.

Though his team has had some underwhelming performances lately, Xavi emphasized he has no doubts about the team’s capability and instead spoke of how the team has to be strengthened psychologically in order to cope with the pressure of being a Barcelona player.

“It is a psychological issue rather than a football one,” Xavi said at a press conference (via Marca).

“They have to believe it and that is my job. We are encouraging them to dare and be brave. At Barcelona, it’s not worth playing 6/10 or 7/10. You have to aim for excellence.

“This is what is missing. Courage, aiming high and not low because that is not what Barcelona do. Being brave and understanding the game, we are not that far from what we want.

“The squad has the level to compete and win titles. In the Bayern game there was also a psychological aspect, but also [a sign that] habits have been lost.”

It is apparent that Xavi is still keen to improve the squad in the January transfer market, despite trusting in the current group of players. The club’s president, Joan Laporta, has already assured its fans that new players will be signed.

“The team always has to improve,” added Xavi. “There is a market and it is an opportunity.

“There is a lot of communication. It was a very productive meeting. I was clear. We have a financial problem, but we have to work to improve the team, the squad and be more competitive.

“I discussed it with the president and the board, but now is not the time to talk about it because tomorrow’s game is key. We are concerned about the present.”

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