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Taskforce arrests Fashola, leader of hoodums in Lagos

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The Lagos State Taskforce and Special Offences Unit has arrested a leader of a group of hoodlums simply identified as Fashola and other suspects in the Meiran area of the state over various criminal activities.

The Chairman of the state’s Taskforce, Chief Superintendent of Police, CSP, Shola Jejeloye disclosed this at the headquarters of the agency, narrating that the agency has been on the trail of Fashola.

According to him, Fashola leads a team of thugs to disrupt the peace and attempts to prevent his officers from carrying out their legitimate duties.

Taskforce boss, stated, “We have gotten several reports about this thug called Fashola, and today he is in our custody for obstruction of Justice.

According to reports, the enforcement team of the agency narrowly escaped unhurt on Monday during a routine patrol and were accosted by suspected hoodlums who tried to forcefully release the driver of a Chevrolet vehicle caught driving against traffic along Meiran Road.

The hoodlums were about 20 who drove in a vanagon bus and brandished various types of harmful weapons to intimidate the officers who were on duty along that axis.

Jejeloye continued, “My officers and men who were in the process of arresting a man who drove his Chevrolet vehicle on one way suddenly noticed that Fashola had quickly mobilised thugs to prevent them from taking him down to the office.

“The officials applied the required amount of force to douse the situation and arrested the ring leader of the gang and two others. We are on the trail of the rest who escaped and we will ensure that they are arrested and brought to book.”

Jejeloye further stated that none of his officials were injured during the fracas, neither were any of the suspected thugs as erroneously reported by passers-by. The officers controlled the environment and tactically fired tear-gas canisters into the gathering of the miscreants to dislodge them and arrest a few of them.

“We have been tested on many occasions, but we always come out superior due to our tactical advantage and orientation. No amount of resistance put up by mischief-makers would be enough to deter us from carrying out the lawful duty of protecting lives and property and ensuring that Lagos is safe and secure,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Jejeloye, gave a note of warning to others who might try to emulate the actions of the miscreants, stating it would only end in disappointing themselves, as anyone found trying to stand in the way of the law would have to contend with the law.

He added that the three suspected miscreants would be brought before the Magistrate for offences bothering on public disturbance, obstruction of Justice, conduct likely to cause breach of peace and a lot more.

“The driver of the vehicle would also be made to face the full wrath of the law,” Jejeloye vowed.



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