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Surviving the rain in Lagos

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The rain is upon us and no thanks to climate defaulters, flooding is certain. Anyway, if you reside in Lagos or work here, you definitely cannot escape the effects of the rain even if you are mobile.

The last few days have shown that the rain has a mind of its own, it sometimes falls simultaneously in different locations or gets picky, choosing to fall 3 kilometres away from you. Well, nature can be finical like that.

So, if you want to survive what is to come, you might need to read through because I’ve got you covered just like a rain poncho.

Rain - LagosPost.ng
Keep yourself warm this season

Keep yourself dry

First, you would like to make sure you have the tools to cover yourself up when the clouds decide to weep profusely, without notice. Make sure you get your umbrella, raincoat or poncho, and shower cap for the ladies.

If you are on the Island, a rain boot is a necessity. If what we saw last year repeats itself, which is very possible, you might want to buy a canoe, just kidding. The boots will definitely come in handy for the Lagos Islanders, trust me.

Oh! I forgot to mention, a sweater or cardigan, always keep them with you, so after you absorbed all the cold out there, the sweater can keep you warm at home or in the office

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Food rich in vitamins

Boost your immune system with vitamins

Now that you are sure of being warm when it pours, let’s talk next about how to boost your immunity because you don’t want to be catching the flu which will make you sneeze and make people think you’ve caught COVID-19. Now is the time to invest in vitamins, including vitamin C which will help prevent infection.

Vitamin E contains a powerful antioxidant that helps your body fight off infection, you can get this from high-fat plant food like almonds, groundnut, etc.

Vitamin A can be gotten from fish, meat and dairy or from plants with carotenoids such as carrots, sweet potatoes, etc. while Vitamin D the sunshine vitamin will boost your immune system, eat more milk, would you?

Others are folate or folic acid, iron, selenium and zinc, you’ll get these guys from leafy vegetables, avocado, red meat, chicken, beans, seafood, liver, yoghurt, etc.

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Stay fashionable even in the rain

Get suitable outfit for the season

It’s time to shuffle your wardrobe, to keep the sundresses, cotton and vintage shirts out of the way. Most guys prefer something that’ll absorb sweat, so keeping warm shouldn’t be much of a hassle for them, unlike the ladies who are fabric models. This doesn’t mean you will lose your fashion sense. Hello! You can dress fashionably while still wrapped up from the cold.

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Fleece jacket

For the guys, fleece jackets, denim jackets or leather jackets are cool to wear during this period. Ladies, you can rock your turtleneck tops or dress, trench coats, leggings, cute jackets on tank tops, khakis, etc.

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Beyonce rocking a turtle neck dress

Whatever you choose to wear, remember the rain and the cold.

Always check the weather forecast

Most phones these days have the weather app, you can always check what the climate will be like on days you’ll be going out. Google’s Weather App can be accessed on Android and on your iPhone, an app called Weather is available.
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This is not to say that they are always accurate, but checking for guidance wouldn’t hurt either. Regardless, make sure to carry with you the items on number 1 at all times. Remember, it’s all about surviving the rain.

Rain - LagosPost.ng

Leave Early

Your timing when you go out is equally essential, you might want to leave the house 30 minutes before your usual time, to avoid the morning rush hour. I can’t tell you to close work early, well, that is between you and your boss, except you are your own boss.
Lagos traffic during the rain is terrible, but you see the one after the rain, horrendous!

If you’re stuck at home due to the rain, and you have no car, leaving in the rain may not be a good idea, but you might want to leave the house as soon as the rain eases up because you don’t want to be caught up in what would happen after the rain stops. Horrifying traffic!

Avoid these things

During the rainy season, you may want to avoid taking a motorcycle because of slippery roads most especially in the rain, you can’t see, how do you expect the guy riding to see, take a bike at your own risk.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk, I hope you can now strut through the rainy season feeling dry without coming down with the flu while still retaining being stylish and punctual. T for thanks



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