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Spanish warship arrives Lagos, conducts exercise with Nigerian Navy

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A Spanish warship named ESPS Audaz has docked in Lagos to reinforce the military ties between Nigeria and Spain and deliver defence diplomacy.

According to a statement on Wednesday, the ESPS Audaz moored in Lagos port on May 13 to demonstrate the Spanish government’s commitment to the security of the Gulf of Guinea.

It noted that Lagos was significant, being Nigeria’s most populated city and the country’s economic centre.

“During the port visit, several activities were conducted, including military cooperation, defence diplomacy, as well as logistic operations. The ESPS Audaz is currently deployed in the Gulf of Guinea, integrated into the operational structure of the Armed Forces and under the framework of the Coordinated Maritime Presence of the European Union, in order to deliver maritime security into an area of vital strategic interest,” a statement released by the navy said.

This is the second visit of ESPS Audaz to Lagos since it left Spain four months ago.

“During this period, 18,000 nautical miles have been steamed by the warship. During the four-day port visit, several military cooperation activities were carried out,” the naval statement added.



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