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SON introduces mobile calibration vehicles to tackle trade problems


The Standards Organisation of Nigeria, SON, has introduced mobile calibration vehicles and measurement equipment in the country as a way to fight trade barriers.

Speaking to journalists in Lagos on Tuesday, Farouk Salim, the Director General of SON, said the platform would provide access to new markets and prevent trade barriers.

He also said the development would increase productivity, reduce costs, minimise errors and guarantee consistency and uniformity of product.

He said: “The benefits of calibration would help to ensure compliance, monitoring the control of substandard products across the country, promoting mass production for industries and businesses, facilitate transactions in business, trade and commerce and fast track overall industrial growth, especially development of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises across the country.”

The SON DG said the agency would be engaging in public awareness to promote and protect safety. He added that public awareness will also highlight the importance of calibration in improving the quality of life in general.

“As we are all aware, the plague caused by substandard products to our nation cannot be over emphasized as seen in declining foreign exchange, surging unemployment and insecurity.”

Salim said his administration has set out to strengthen available measures to fight substandard products across the country.

“Some of the measures include establishing six new offices in more locations for better coverage, provision of testing facilities across the various regions and the establishment of SON special task force to serve as a third eye. Though there have been so many challenges, we remain undeterred.”

Also speaking, the Director General of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, Segun Ajayi-Kadir, assured SON of MAN’s partnership in areas where support is needed.

Kadir said that MAN recently concluded a leadership retreat to prioritize its relationship with the SON.

“Institutions have to be strong to be able to maintain the synergy that we have. So, all of us have a responsibility to support SON. We have a responsibility to encourage them. I want to say here that we should all leave this place resolved to ensure that SON has the resources at their disposal,” he said.



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