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Sallah: Lagos govt mandates permit for events with 250 attendees


Ahead of Sallah celebrations, the Lagos State Government has called on event organizers to prioritize safety by practicing “responsible socializing.”

The Lagos State Safety Commission, in a statement on Monday, said a state permit must be obtained for events with over 250 attendees.

“Event owners and organisers planning to host gatherings with more than 250 individuals are required to register their events through the safety commission’s website at www.lasgsafetyreg.com and obtain an Event Safety Permit.

“The presence of two safety marshals per 500 guests, proof of ambulance services and medical retainer-ship with a certified hospital are non-negotiable requirements for large events and concerts.”

The DG of the safety commission, Lanre Mojola, said event organisers must take proactive measures to mitigate risks to “demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of their guests and their dedication to creating a secure and enjoyable experience.”

“These guidelines encompass crowd management, emergency response planning, usage of pyrotechnics, fire safety measures, and more.

“These measures aim to prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities, particularly during the approaching Sallah festive period,” the safety commission added.



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