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Saggy boobs, myths and truth

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A lot of women want to know all of the insider secrets to maintain their bouncy, youthful, and gravity-resistant breast and as a result, there have been some misunderstandings about the causes of drooping or saggy breasts and some supposed effective treatments.

Myth 1: According to some women, breastfeeding causes saggy breasts. That is not the case!

Myth 2: Some people believe that too much bouncing while causes the breasts to sag but that’s not the case

Myth 3: Some people assume that wearing a bra all of the time will keep the breasts from drooping and this also is a fallacy.

Myth 4: Pectoral workouts such as bench pressing will help to reduce breast droop. This is also false!

Myth 5: Some people assume that a woman’s breast size remains consistent throughout her life which is not true.

The truth is, as you get older, Cooper’s ligaments in the breast stretch, causing the breasts to droop (the connective tissue that supports the structure of the breast). Collagen and elastin also break down as you get older, and your breast tissue is no exception to its breakdown.

However, contrary to popular belief breastfeeding does not cause saggy boobs: rather, pregnancy is the culprit. Since there is an increase in the breast during pregnancy (due to hormonal, weight, and lifestyle changes) and a subsequent reduction once the child is weaned, these cause weight fluctuation in the bosom, resulting in extra skin, drooping, and nipples that point downward.

Some people even believe that it is possible to restore breast firmness and perkiness with creams, potions, lotions, and supplements. Don’t waste your time and money.

Dr Moraitis of Palm Harbor recommends the following to keep firm and perky boobs:

– Wear a correctly fitted bra

– Maintain a consistent weight as fluctuations might cause sagging.

– To prevent putting too much weight on your boobs, sleep on your back or side.

– If you would be exposing your boobs apply sunscreen.

– Keep a decent posture.

– Smoking, sunbathing, eating a poor-nutrient meal and a high-fat diet can deplete your skin’s collagen and cause sagging to occur sooner. Avoid them if you can.

– Exercise on a regular basis.

If you are worried about the sagginess of your boobs or insecure about it then you can consider breast enhancement techniques such as breast lift surgery, breast augmentation, or a combination of both as they are the only known and successful methods. These will help your breasts regain their youthful form and firmness, as well as improve your self-confidence, reduce strained and extra skin.

However, some women have come out to share stories of health conditions resulting from a breast implant. These women claimed that they felt better after the implants were removed. However not every woman suffers from such. Ensure to do your research on its compatibility with your body. Good luck!

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