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RRIN reiterates commitment to agricultural innovation


Chief Executive Officer of the Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria, Dr. Lelia Dongo, said the institute has resolved to remain devoted to leading research, promoting innovation, and contributing to the long-term success of the agricultural sector.

Dongo mentioned this recently during the institute’s 50th anniversary celebration in Benin, saying that RRIN had been at the vanguard of reshaping the rubber environment, from pioneering research projects to supporting sustainable practices.

She stated that the purpose of the celebration was not just to reflect on past accomplishments, but also to look forward to a future full of fresh opportunities.

She described the golden jubilee anniversary as a remarkable occasion that symbolized more than just the passage of time, but the continuous pursuit of excellence and progress in research and development in the rubber industry.

Meanwhile, Dongo stated that the institute’s accomplishments included the development of improved high-yielding and disease-resistant rubber clones, increased rubber production in Nigeria with 482 hectares of tappable rubber plantation, increased gum Arabic production in Nigeria with 46 hectares of matured gum Arabic trees, and the development of technology for latex processing into various marketable products.

Other accomplishments, according to the RRIN CEO, include processed rubber seed oil from rubber seeds, which is used as a raw ingredient in cosmetics, paint, liquid soap, seed cake for animals, fertiliser, and putty. She also stated that the institute was working on an innovative approach to rubber and agroforestry that supports and contributes to food security, as well as dissemination paths for technology transfer to rubber producers and stakeholders.

“This event is more than a celebration; it is a reflection of five decades of unwavering dedication, research, innovation, and contribution to the rubber industry,” she said. It is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the path that has led us here, a path marked by obstacles faced with perseverance, discoveries fueled by curiosity, and progress fueled by a common goal.

“As we enter a new era for RRIN, I’d like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated staff, partners, stakeholders, and collaborators who have been a part of our story and instrumental to our success.” Your steadfast support has been the driving force behind our success, and we are grateful for the trust and camaraderie that has defined our relationship.”

The Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Security, Aliu Abdullahi, who was represented by the Director of Food Production, Iwara Bassey, said the institute had played a crucial role in the rubber industry by pushing research, innovation, and sustainable practices.

“The institute has been a beacon of excellence while contributing to the growth and resilience of the rubber sector while urging stakeholders to continue to support the Institute in it is a mission to enhance productivity, promote sustainability and contribute positively to the overall landscape of the agricultural sector,” he went on to say.

The minister stated that the institute had evolved and prospered in the face of changing circumstances, demonstrating resilience and a spirit of continual progress.



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