Home Health Rotary Club supports Lagos indigents with medical assistance

Rotary Club supports Lagos indigents with medical assistance

Rotary Club supports Lagos indigents with medical assistance

The Rotary Club of Banana Island has extended medical assistance to a group of remote island villages in Lagos state.

The Community Service Health Intervention undertaken under the leadership of RCBI’s newly-elected Charter President, Mrs Anita Senan, marked the formal debut of the club.

The medical outreach, created by Rotarian Mrs Mickey de Jong-van Veldhoven and adopted by RCBI, targeted some island villages like Agaja Beach, Agaja Village, Okogbado (Alagutan), and Igbolobi, collectively called the Agaja Beach Village situated about 45 minutes away from the Victoria Island area of the state.

According to the chiefs of the four host communities, the islands are approximated to inhabit around 1,450 people, consisting of a mix of 600 males and 850 females.

Charter President, Mrs Senan, expressed gratitude to Mrs Mickey de Jong-van Veldhoven, who organised the beach house to set up the medical camp, goodies for villagers, sunglasses for patients, the boats and the security for the entire trip, as well as other donors and volunteers who played various roles in the success of the outreach.

Senan said: “Given that there are no primary or secondary health facilities on any of the islands we at RCBI decided to join hands with Mrs de Jong to provide the inhabitants with a mix of broad-spectrum medical interventions consisting of vaccinations for children up to the age of 14 years, cataract screening, and free medicines for a range of prevalent health conditions and tropical infections across age groups.”

RCBI was supported in the exercise by the Paras Medicare International Ltd, Indo Eye Foundation (through the intervention of Rotary Club of Palm Grove), The Eye Doctors, Bona Specialist Dental and Implant Center, The Serving Hand Society For The Empowerment Of Less Privileged Persons and Sam Pharmaceuticals.

The medical camp which was held on September 3, 2022, witnessed a gathering of 400 plus adults and children from all the village communities.


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