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Ronaldo sets record straight, says everything is just talk

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Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken on the rumours flying around about his move from Juventus.

The Juventus forward’s contract would expire by next year summer and this has led to various speculations about where he would be moving to next. Some pundits and fans are hoping he would move to Paris Saint-Germain FC (PSG) to play alongside Lionel Messi after his contract expires with Juventus, some are saying he would move back to Real Madrid.

However, the 36-year-old has posted on Instagram that he is focused on his work and prefers to talk less and act more.

“Anyone who knows me is aware of how focused I am on my work. Less talk and more action, this has been my guiding motto since the start of my career. However, in view of everything that’s been said and written recently, I have to set out my position.”

He said he is displeased at the way the media are covering the rumours, which he sees as disrespectful to all the clubs involved.

“More than the disrespect for me as a man and as a player, the frivolous way that my future is covered in the media is disrespectful to all the clubs involved in these rumours, as well as to their players and staff.”

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The Juve star revealed that his time in Real Madrid is written, which suggests that he would not be returning to the club.

“My story at Real Madrid has been written. It’s been recorded. In words and numbers, in trophies and titles, in records, and in headlines. It’s in the Museum at the Bernabeu Stadium and it’s also in the minds of every fan of the club.

“And beyond what I achieved, I remember that in those nine years I had a relationship of deep affection and respect for ‘merengue afición’, an affection and respect that I retain to this day, and that I will always cherish.

“I know that the true Real Madrid fans will continue to have me in their hearts, and I will have them in mine.”

Addressing the rumour, he feels left out as no one tried to know what the truth really is, rather they were peddling the rumour.

“As well as this most recent episode in Spain, there have been frequent news and stories associating me with a number of clubs in many different Leagues, with nobody ever being concerned about trying to find out the actual truth.

Ronaldo - lagospost.ng
Cristiano says he’ll remain focused on his career and work,

“I’m breaking my silence now, to say that I can’t allow people to keep playing around with my name. I remain focused on my career and in my work, committed and prepared for all the challenges that I have to face. Everything else? Everything else is just talk.😉”

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