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Reps demand review of Oronsaye report


The House of Representatives has recently issued a request to President Bola Tinubu, urging a careful reevaluation of the Oronsaye Report before moving forward with its implementation.

This appeal stemmed from a motion of urgent public importance, initiated by Kama Nkemkanma and two others, during a plenary session held on Thursday.

It’s important to note that President Tinubu had previously ordered the enactment of this report on Monday.

In a detailed request, the House has called upon President Tinubu to initiate a thorough review of several significant documents. These include the 2012 Oronsaye Report, the Goni Aji Report which provided a critique of the Oronsaye Report, the White Paper from President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, the Ama Pepple White Paper, and the Ebele Okeke White Paper, with an aim to align them with the current realities.

Kama Nkemkanma, while presenting the motion, voiced concerns about the potential unforeseen consequences that the complete implementation of the 2012 Oronsaye report could bring about in 2024. He highlighted that “the full implementation of the report will not substantially reduce the cost of governance as it does not reflect the current situation in the Public Service of the Federation.”

The House unanimously agreed on the motion, adopting it without any debate.



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