Home Entertainment ‘Rema has no morals’, Blackface reveals

‘Rema has no morals’, Blackface reveals


Nigerian singer Blackface has made it clear that he would not allow his daughter to marry someone like Rema, citing the latter’s perceived lack of morals as the primary reason for his stance.

Blackface shared his perspective during a recent appearance on Nedu’s ‘Honest Bunch’ podcast.

He expressed his concerns about Rema’s moral values, particularly based on his music, including the hit song ‘Charm’.

In Blackface’s view, the song’s lyrics do not convey a positive image of Nigeria and are unsuitable for someone he’d consider for his daughter’s partner.

“The songs they are singing nowadays, do they represent Nigeria in a good light?

“I get money pass your papa, I get money pass your mama.’ What’s that? ‘Fine girl come wettin dey worry you?’ ‘You dey craze for your head?’ ‘You no know say I get money pass your papa?’

“Is that the kind of man that my daughter will bring home to me for marriage? I will kick that daughter and the man out of my house. Because such men as Rema have no morals.

“I said he has no morals because what you speak comes from the heart,” he said.



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