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Reduce duties on medicals, agricultural imports — Agents tell FG


The Africa Association of Professional Freight Forwarders and Logistics of Nigeria has urged the Federal Government to reduce duties payable on medical and agricultural equipment.

In an open letter to President Bola Tinubu on Thursday, signed by the National President of APFFLON, Frank Ogunojemite, the group advised the government to also reduce duties on imported firefighter vehicles.

The group noted that stakeholders were concerned by the unfortunate reality of high duties levied on firefighting vehicles, ambulances as well as medical and agricultural types of equipment.

“At a time when inflation has grossly weakened the purchasing power of the naira and people are finding it difficult to feed individuals and businesses keep shutting down, it is indeed quite amazing that these essential vehicles and medical equipment pay the same duties as luxury vehicles.

“It is also strange that commercial vehicles are prioritized over ambulances and agricultural equipment as commercial vehicles are required to pay lower,” he added.

Ogunojemite added that APFFLON, a maritime advocacy group, has been observing with keen interest the numerous efforts the Presidency had started putting in place to revive the economy.

“However, to cushion the effect of the harsh economic situation, cutting down customs duties could serve as a palliative measure for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in different sectors of the economy.

“Reduction of customs duties on ambulances, medical and agricultural equipment could be a major accomplishment by the administration if considered and enacted,” he continued.

Ogunojemite urged concerned ministries to dispassionately look at it again as such moves have become imperative.



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