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Ramadan: Oluremi Tinubu calls for love, peaceful co-existence

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The Senator Oluremi Tinubu Movement has called for love and peaceful coexistence among Nigerians during the month of Ramadan and beyond.

Mr. Ghazali A.A., a prominent official of the group made the call on Sunday, during an Iftar prayer held as one of their incessant pro societal program in promulgating the good agenda of Senator Oluremi Tinubu and to also pray for the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his victory in the past election and Nigeria at large.

While speaking to the press during an interview, Mr. Ghazali explained that the Iftar Day was organized to celebrate and host Muslims as they break their fast together while they pray for All Progressive Congress Leader, Asiwaju Tinubu, to have a successful administration during his tenure.

“Ramadan is a month in which our Muslim brothers and sisters observe their fast for either 29 or 30 days. Islamic scripture encouraged us that one of the good deeds in the holy months is to feed those that observe fast.

“On our platform, we do this every day during the period of Ramadan and we always have a grand finale which is always before the last ten 10 days of Ramadan because of other supplications.

“Today Sunday, 9th of April, 2023 happens to be that day to dine with our Muslim brothers and Sisters known as Iftar and most importantly use the opportunity to pray for our leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to have a successful administration in the next four years,” he said.

When asked about the lesson learned in the marching coincidence of Lent, Easter, and Ramadan being observed at the same period in recent times Ghazali said, “The basic lesson to be learned in all of this is natural love. We are meant to harmoniously live together and we shouldn’t allow anything to divide us.

“The truth is that no one would have hitherto, preempted that we will have our IFTAR day the same day of Easter but this is to let us know that God in his infinite mercy has created us to show love towards one another.”

Meanwhile, the cleric, Alhaji Bakare Abdullateef; the Imam of Eiyenkole Mosque, Lagos Island mentioned that the importance of an Iftar like this is the reflection of blessing in unity.



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