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PSG takes down promo video after Mbappe’s complaint


Paris Saint-Germain have taken down the ticket promotional video following star Kylian Mbappe’s complaint about its content.

LagosPost earlier reported that Mbappe expressed his displeasure via Instagram on PSG’s 2023-24 season ticket promotional campaign, because it featured almost only the 24-year-old with Lionel Messi or Neymar omitted.

The club have now pulled down the video from their social media.

Mbappe had said, “I just took part in the viewing of the club’s re-subscription campaign for the 23-24 season. At no time was I informed of the content of the interview. It looked like a basic interview during a club marketing day. I don’t agree with this published video. That’s why I’m fighting for the right to the individual image. PSG is a big club and a big family but it is especially not Kylian Saint-Germain.”

Although there are rumours that both Messi and Neymar could leave this summer, Mbappe seems to want to avoid any form of discord in the dressing room.



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