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Power crisis: Create Energy Ministry, appoint expert to pilot affairs — STEP tells Tinubu


The Society of Technology and Energy Professionals(STEP) has urged the President-elect, Bola Tinubu, to create a Ministry of Energy and appoint an expert to pilot its affairs,

The professionals said the energy ministry would assist Nigeria to solve its energy problems and improve energy investments, funding, storage and infrastructure.

The President of STEP, Chimeremeze Enwere, gave this advice in a congratulatory message to Tinubu, after the first inaugural meeting of the Council for Registration of Technology and Energy Professionals in Port Harcourt.

In a statement on the congratulatory message on Wednesday, he said: “Please accept our warm congratulations on your victory during the Nigerian concluded presidential election.

“Your victory was as a result of your love for our country, hard work, commitments and ambitious goals to serve and renew the hope of Nigerians.

“This quest to lead Nigerians to the promised land where there will be no insecurity and corruption but rather a country that creates jobs for unemployed youths, quality education, good roads, quality healthcare, stable electricity and a great economy was backed up with unmatched determination and a strategic political ethics”

He added: “As you embark on your new responsibilities, please remember that our nation is facing serious energy challenges which has made it expedient for our sincere appeal for the establishment of an energy minister and ministry by your administration.

“These offices will enable Nigeria solve its energy problems through the exploration of other sources of energy, implementation of energy policies, climate actions, strengthen our energy commission and other energy agencies, local content acceleration, improve energy investments, funding, storage and infrastructure that will bring a lasting solution to our energy and electricity problems while we continue to optimise our oil and gas sector.

Enwere assured the president-elect that STEP would be willing to work with his administration if called upon.

He said: “We are optimistic that your administration will create national unity, equity and justice, ethno-religious peace, respect for rule of law and develop Nigerian technology and energy sectors.

“We look forward to working with you not only to develop closer relations between technology and energy professionals and your administration but also to bring concerted efforts in the advancement of Nigerian technology and energy for the benefit of our dear nation and our economy, especially now that Society of Technology and Energy Professionals has commenced registration of technology and energy professionals”, he emphasised.



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