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Police vow to arrest all involved in violence at Magodo-Isheri


The Lagos State Police Command has vowed to bring those responsible for the breach of peace in a tussle over land ownership at Magodo-Isheri on Tuesday to book.

Police Commissioner Idowu Owohunwa made the vow after peace was restored in the area.

Hoodlums clashed at the Magodo-Isheri area on Tuesday over a court judgment.

The hoodlums stormed the area to prevent court bailiffs from pasting an appeal court’s judgment given on March 16, confirming landlords in the community as owners of the land.

The hoodlums, it was alleged, stormed the palace of the traditional ruler of Isheri.

Some youths in the area resisted the invaders, resulting in a free-for-all involving the use of dangerous weapons.

The crisis created gridlock on the ever-busy Lagos-Ibadan expressway as motorists had to explore alternative routes to escape the fray.

Mr Owohunwa expressed regret that the action of the two warring groups breached public peace and advised them to explore the judicial process in resolving their disagreement rather than cause chaos in the estate.

“My message is that for those involved in this breach, they will be held accountable for their actions. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has been asked to take over the investigation,” said the police chief in Lagos. “We have identified some of the actors and we are in the process of apprehending and bringing them to justice.”

Mr Owohunwa said no arrest had been made as the immediate challenge was restoring normalcy to the area during the crisis.

“Now that peace has been achieved, the next thing is to go after those involved in breaching public peace. Now that the CID has taken over the case, there will be arrests any moment from now,’’ the police commissioner added.




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