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Police operatives destroy criminal hideouts in Lagos

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The Lagos Rapid Response Squad (RRS) on Saturday carried out massive enforcement around the notorious Fagba railway side to Pen cinema in Agege.

The area, which was formerly occupied by criminals, was cleared by Police and other enforcement agencies.

The operatives destroyed illegal structures around the railway.

However, there was strong resistance from the miscreants from the abattoir area, which the RRS and other operatives broke.

The task force confirmed the success of the operations on twitter.

It said: “This morning, Commander, Rapid Response Squad (RRS), CSP Olayinka Egbeyemi, led his squad, Lagos State Taskforce, and Lagos Police Command’s Tactical Team in the removal of shanties on the railway line in Abbatoir and Iju-Fagba.

“The shanties have been serving as hideouts for criminals in the area.”

It said 25 suspects who attacked police officers with offensive weapons were arrested.



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