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Patricia Technologies Limited receives significant investment to boost operations

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Patricia Technologies Limited has received a significant investment from Oluwaseun Dania, the Chief Executive Officer of Tradefada, one of Nigeria’s foremost crypto exchanges. This investment is a pointer to the vote of confidence investors have in PATRICIA’s steadfast vision and resolve to pioneer the financial evolution in Africa.

Recognized as one of the top crypto exchanges in Africa, PATRICIA is solidifying its leading role in Africa’s ever-evolving crypto landscape through powerful collaborations, partnerships, and investments from allies worldwide.

Oluwaseun Dania is a renowned serial investor, passionate about supporting innovative ventures across various industries. He encourages individuals and industry peers to join him in championing the resurgence of Patricia Technologies as the company continues to represent Africa in the global crypto landscape.

In a recent post online, Mr Oluwaseun said, “My investment is not merely a financial move; it’s a resounding vote of confidence in the team led by Hanu Fejiro Agbodje that has consistently showcased brilliance and innovation and has positively represented Nigeria and Africa on the global stage”.

“The resurgence of PATRICIA will further strengthen our industry and deepen the trust of our users. It is a win for us all”, he concluded.

Commenting on Mr. Dania’s note-worthy investment in Patricia, Hanu Fejiro, the Founder and Chief Executive, emphasized his commitment to ensuring the enduring legacy of the business while highlighting the immense opportunities that lie ahead.

“This investment from Mr. Oluwaseun Dania promises to drive Patricia Technologies further to push boundaries and solidify its position as a leading force in Africa’s ever-evolving crypto landscape”, he echoed.

With unrelenting support from investors and customers alike, Patricia is driving the African crypto landscape forward. Join us on this journey today and be part of the moving train.

Patricia is an alternative payment solutions company harnessing the intrinsic power of Blockchain technology to facilitate the easy use of cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions. With a strong commitment to the crypto industry, we have consistently delivered innovative solutions that cater to our customer’s needs and exceed their expectations.



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