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Panic as three senior doctors die within five days in Lagos general hospital

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There is panic at the Alimosho General Hospital in Lagos following the death of three principal medical officers within five days.

According to a press release by the Association of Lagos State Government-employed Medical and Dental Practitioners and signed by its chairman Dr. Sa’eid Ahmad and secretary Dr. Moruf Awodun, the deceased were identified as Dr Otukoya, Dr Aluko and Dr Shuaib.

The latest casualty was Dr Shuaib who died on Monday.

The guild, according to the Qed, after an emergency officer committee, and expanded executive council meetings, signed by its chairman Dr Sa’eid Ahmad and secretary Dr Moruf Awodun, said that the “”

After meetings with its expanded executive council and emergency officer committee, the guild reportedly stated that the deaths “deaths might have been related to one form of chronic illness or the other, believed aggravated by stress.”

It also said that the phenomenon of brain drain, and its attendant work overload for the doctors remaining onshore, and the negative consequences of manpower shortage have been repeatedly emphasised to the employer.

The resolutions taken by the guild at the meetings over the deaths are: “That a Three-Day Mourning Period is hereby by declared across the Lagos State Health System. During this period all Lagos State-employed Medical/Dental practitioners are to conduct in solemn manner in respect for our dead colleagues.

“In Alimosho General Hospital, the centre where all three late colleagues practised, all elective procedures are to be Rescheduled within this period. Only Emergencies are expected to be attended to. This is in deference to the deep psychological state surviving colleagues in that centre must be going through and as a mark of respect for these fallen heroes.

“Pursuant to the Comprehensive Position Paper already forwarded to Mr Governor, the Lagos State Government is hereby issued a 48-hour period within which actual meaningful engagement with the Medical Guild on all Welfare matters affecting doctors in Lagos State is to be convened.”



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