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Only 18% project professionals with AI skills have practical experience — PMI Research


Project Management Institute(PMI) the world’s leading organisation for the project management profession, has revealed through its PMI research that only 18 percent of the project professionals with Artificial Intelligence skills have got practical experience.

PMI made this disclosure in a statement that the organisation was empowering millions of global project professionals worldwide to adopt, embrace, and leverage AI, machine learning, and generative AI.

It noted that it is developing the tools, resources, and learning opportunities including a free introductory online course entitled “Generative AI Overview for Project Managers” Project professionals need to leverage AI-powered technology while preserving the human touch in project management.

Furthermore, the research has revealed that organisations that place a high priority on power skills are significantly better at completing projects that meet business goals.

It revealed that organisations waste less investment due to poor project performance compared to the global average (4.8 percent vs. 5.2 percent) and far less than organisations that put a low priority on power skills (8.8 percent).

According to McKinsey, GenAI and other technologies have the potential to automate work activities that absorb 60 to 70 per cent of employees’ time today.

However, it stated that tools cannot automate interpersonal skills, the invaluable and very necessary skills project managers bring to projects. Communication, problem-solving, collaborative leadership, and strategic thinking skills PMI calls “power skills” would continue to be crucial to project success.

According to the President and Chief Executive Officer of PMI, Pierre Le Manh, “I see an incredible opportunity to elevate the leadership role of project professionals in their organisation, thanks to the AI-driven disruption.

“Project professionals are natural learners, problem solvers, innovators, and they get things done. Now is the time for us to lead the AI transformation of organisations.”

“To keep up with the latest developments in AI technology, project professionals must prioritize continuous learning. The Artificial Intelligence in Project Management Resource Center on PMI.org is the destination for learning to navigate a new era of efficiency, insight, and growth,” he added.

He pointed out that the webpage, enriched with AI-driven insights and educational possibilities, will undergo consistent updates that will include new, stimulating survey discoveries, authoritative viewpoints, industry analyses, academic research, and content and publications contributed by the community.

The combination of data from PMI’s academic and enterprise partners, along with extensive proprietary research, will make this resource the go-to for project professionals and organisations aiming to improve project success using these tools.

“This course is just the beginning, PMI will continue to release learning content focused on AI in project management, all created for project professionals by project professionals.

The PMI community will test the learning content, ensuring it reflects the experience of project professionals who have relevant experience using AI in project management,” said the Chief Executive Officer of PMI.



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